From our computer to yours

Here at SullivanLaw, we have diverse web-surfing interests – it’s how we stay on top of our game. These are some of the sites that we’ve found useful, and think you might, too.

Of course, some of the sites may have changed since we first found them useful. If you discover any of these to be obsolete or unfortunate, please let us know.


These aren’t exhaustive, but they might be a helpful starting point on a number of subjects.

Information before you begin a Family Law case in court in Ontario

An overview of security interests and liens

Limitation periods for filing suit

Family Law primer (Ontario)

Holiday pay calculator (Ontario)

Dumaime’s Law Dictionary (because the lexicon can kill you)

Basic legal advice, which is less helpful than you’d think, actually.



We have a special place in our hearts for children. We also know that parenting can be tough at the best of times, and a separation or divorce can be particularly tough on kids. Everyone involved should be attentive to the needs of the children affected by changing family relationships.

Parenting through high-conflict times

What happens next? Information for kids about separation and divorce

Good advice about teaching kids to avoid ‘tricky’ people



Mental health is often an issue in legal disputes. Lawyers need to be aware of, and able to identify, mental health issues. (Here at SullivanLaw, we could probably write a book about how mental health affects clients, families and the practice of law.)

We’re offering these links as a resource.  Of course no website is an adequate substitute for information provided by qualified mental health practitioners and medical professionals, so – as always – check with your doctor first.

1 in 6: Defining unwanted sexual experiences for men

Preserving mental health during a family dissolution



We are often asked what charities and community efforts we support. While we’ve contributed to lots of causes and charities over the past decade, these are some of the ones we like to recommend.

Plan Canada: Because I’m a Girl

Operation Smile